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We got your letter Two days after the call Was received politely Requesting our address And I read it to him At his request, as he Listened intently, quietly, Then informed me that he Wanted to draw you a picture … Continue reading

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Sponsor: Hey, you LOOK great! How do you feel? Girl: I feel really bad. Sponsor: Who cares how you FEEL, you LOOK really great! Girl forces a smile on her face and walks away thinking: Who cares how I LOOK, … Continue reading

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The young girl sits on her grandma’s back porch during the heat of summer, feeling every bead of sweat that rolls down her skinny little back.  She is sure everyone is judging her, having bad thoughts about her, whispering about her … Continue reading

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Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth Because I am Kissing You Goodbye

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I am finally taking the first step in beginning to write in a blog that is my own, to get some thoughts down and out of my head, to share my feelings and well…. to write whatever the hell I … Continue reading

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How do I begin this story? Where to begin? How to begin? For the sake of trying to keep things as simple as possible let me try here. It was several months ago. I was in and out of the … Continue reading

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Sometimes the thoughts in my head Whirl round and round Like a ceiling fan~ Spinning, turning, spinning, turning. Sometimes the tears from my soul Fall like a river flowing Needlessly downstream~ With no clear destination. Sometimes the pain in my … Continue reading

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