Hello God-

Nice to meet you.

I’ve heard great things

About your forgiveness.

Check this out-

I’m sorry I hit my wife,

And cheated on her,

Well, a few times.

I was drunk

When I stole the money

From the old couple,

And tipped that stripper

On the company card.

Please forgive me

For missing my

Little girl’s birthday.

My secretary was wearing

This really short skirt,

And, well,

I meant to Talk to you sooner,

But since you’re here…

Oh, by the way,

Thanks for the house,

I love this suit,

And my Jaguar is smooth.

Go Away?

You don’t know me?

HEY- I put $25 in

The plate EVERY Easter!


About beautifulmess3025

I'll forgive you long before I forgive myself. I'll push you away while I am longing to hold you. I find myself thinking of how much you mean to me..without saying it nearly enough. My son is teaching me how to love, laugh, and live:)
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