Welcome all you “New Kids” on the block.
All you pretty, potty mouthed kids
Finally away from home, out on your own.
All grown up, ready to party, anxious to get laid.
All you beautifully thin, tone, tanned girls
Ready to exercise your freedom and independence
Who will wake up 15 years later, 30 pounds heavier,
Only remembering a few of the plethora of boys’ names
You slept with after those fun, adventurous
Nights at the bar. But it was SO much FUN…..
Wasn’t it?
All you buff, “Who’s Who” athletic boys
Here on scholarships from your little schools,
Where you were THE MAN, sitting by the pool,
Pretending to “dig” the modern day “Easy Mutha-F’N-E”
Foul mouth, degrading women CRAP…because not to would
Make you an intolerant racist, right?
And you see her, over there with her son. Poor lady.
She’s really missing out. Damn, I bet she wants me. (Male)
Damn, I bet she wishes she were me. (Female)
And there she goes again…she’s sick of “bitches and hoes”
blasting through the cheap speakers.
She promises her four-year-old she’ll bring him back later.
Welcome, all you “New Kids” on the block.
I sincerely hope you make it through your first semester.
I wish you all the best during your search for
Who you are, while discovering who you are not.
But most of all, I hope one day you are all blessed
Enough to feel the euphoria that rushes through
Your veins like the best shot of dope I hope you never try…
When your child holds you tight and tells you they love you.


About beautifulmess3025

I'll forgive you long before I forgive myself. I'll push you away while I am longing to hold you. I find myself thinking of how much you mean to me..without saying it nearly enough. My son is teaching me how to love, laugh, and live:)
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