I got your Facebook request
And could not believe your nerve.
I got your follow-up message
In which you stated how you
Just couldn’t wait for us to be
“Facebook Buddies.”
You, yes, YOU.
You who tormented me
Year after year after year.
You who hated me, and who
Taught me to hate as well.
You who taught me something
That I had no word for then,
But now know as reverse discrimination.
Oh hell, let’s just call it what it was-racism.
So you want to be “buddies?”
Well let’s start here…..
Did you know I was vulnerable,
Lonely, and felt like
I belonged on another planet?
Did you know, despite outward
Appearances that I had no
Self-esteem and would  rather be
Anywhere on earth than around you?
Did you know that we didn’t have
Central air and heat, like you,
And spent winters in one room
Freezing after the fire burned out?
Did you know that I just wanted
To be accepted, loved and
Not constantly bullied by you?
Well I’m sorry, just so sorry,
That I must decline your “buddy”
Request at this time.
I really wish you the best,
But it’s just a little too damn late.


About beautifulmess3025

I'll forgive you long before I forgive myself. I'll push you away while I am longing to hold you. I find myself thinking of how much you mean to me..without saying it nearly enough. My son is teaching me how to love, laugh, and live:)
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