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How do I begin this story? Where to begin? How to begin? For the sake of trying to keep things as simple as possible let me try here. It was several months ago. I was in and out of the … Continue reading

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Hello God- Nice to meet you. I’ve heard great things About your forgiveness. Check this out- I’m sorry I hit my wife, And cheated on her, Well, a few times. I was drunk When I stole the money From the … Continue reading

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I am convinced The only surgery I need Is one in which You remove from me My anger, pride, selfishness, Fear, anxiety, and all Self-delusions that I can Successfully manage any part Of my life without You. ~~~~~~~~~~~St Louis Airport … Continue reading

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I’ll never comprehend Why You love me-                                                                        But I don’t have to. I’ll never understand Your selflessness-                                                                       But that’s okay. I can’t fathom Your majestic ways-                                                                                        I don’t need to. I can’t see Your face Only feel Your presence-                                                               But … Continue reading

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